Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Got an opportunity to watch it yesterday. Alone, ofcos. It was a very good movie for me, complete with humor, love, action and emotional scenes. I am not going to be a story teller here, don't worry. I've watched the first Kingsman (but i can't remember what it's all about) but I think this one win my heart, since I can't remember the other one.

I really admire British accent and British English. Tried to learn it. To be honest, it is really hard to imitate it. The pronunciation, the phrase, the words all are really good to hear. Sounds polite, graceful, calming and motivating. For me I mean.

Kingsman, I could say it was an action pack movie. Not as 007 ofcos. It has its own identity. The suit, the umbrella, the glasses, the accent, the manner. That are their identity. Started with the tailor shop. Oh, I like the orange suit so much! the action start from the very beginning, with not so much bored conversation and discussion scene make it more interesting. Should watch it. 👍👍👍


Life is short, and the world is wide

All my life I can't imagine myself travel out of country without my parents. I know it sound weird but if u know my culture well u will understand what I mean. If u ask me what was my feeling, i felt scared, doubted, hopeless, lost, incomplete, bored and the most of it was SATISFIED. 

People said, traveling make u know ur true self. And yes, it's true. Make u feel equal, make u stay positive, humble and keep on moving. My next destination? I have no plan for now. Its too early to plan. I just want to relax and cherish the memory. 


2017 is almost ended !!

I have been silence since my last post somewhere in 2013, 4 years I could say. Along the time, i have been doing so many great things and be around great people. I have travel to several countries, finally got the courage, being in several relationship, developed my inner strength and aligned with my career path. 

Through out the period, ofcos i have seen all the sadness, the bad, the stress and the failure. Apart of feeling down, all those things has build up my character and make me even stronger. I am grateful to what i have and how I am now. Even though there are people who questioned me on how I manage my life, and i was a bit sad and frustrated about it, i took that as a compliment and moving forward as this is the path that i chose.

Please pray for me and wish me luck !

Lots of love !!


New leaves

Hello peep-alls!!
Assalammualaikum..how r you guys doing..this blog has been in a hiatus mode for more than a year..there are lots of thing happen in my life since then..bitter and sweet..no use to keep talking about..

I just wanna start a new sheet of my life and keep on doing what I am doing now..chill guys..work hard and think positive..insyaallah we will succeed...


It friday!!

What are your plan for today? Well for someone who enjoying her rest day like me im thinking of going to ikea..I have new project in mind..I will share with you guys later..

By the way..its been so so long (a year plus) I haven't update my blog..its just that I have no enough time to do so..for now..I wanna go and take my shower..I wanna go out n chill with my mom..we are heading to ikea..yeehaaaa...!!

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