15,16 & 18.08.08

I was really excited on this wedding..1) this is my sis wedding 2) this is the first wedding i ever experience which i was into it from the beginning till the end..when i was into the process i realized that this is not just a process or ceremony or custom or ritual..it's a movement of one's life..people will definitely move forward..we cry, we laugh..going up going down..those are part of us..we'll meet so many people in every stage of our life..we get to know someone new..we even lost someone we love..all this make me think..that's life is always goes on..even though you stop and being silent..life will still goes on..until one day u realize that u have wasted your precious life by doing nothing to appreciate it as it supposed to be..so now..we should do what ever we want to do..we should appreciate our life more than anything else..coz we live only once and die only once..

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