It's Sunday Again

Hi peeps..it's beens not really long i haven't online..as i was really really really really busy..June's wedding, Go Green..thank god everythings done now..i just need to focus on the routine office works..huh~

I got a fever last few days..still not fully recovered as i was too busy to think of myself and my health..so i just pretend to be like a healthy human being..even though i was really not feeling good and comfortable..I prayed so that Allah give me little bit strength and energy so that i could stand until the end of the event..last night was the grand finale of VMY Go Green..and i was really exhausted until i couldn't feel my own feet..went back early and threw myself on the bed..i cant woke up this morning as my head, my hand and my feet was really heavy..like being tied up to a very big stone..i sms my manager ask for permission to come late..she said yes..*thank madam..now i'm in the office..with my very-lonely-lappy..will update more later..chiow..

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