Are You Closer to Your Friends or Your Family?

Yeap..that's rite..i need both in my life..sebab ada benda yang kita tak leh kongsi ngan kengkawan..but can share with family..ada benda plak sebaliknya..so i need both badly in my life..malangnya i only have one..kawan suma jauh..so takde tempat untukku menompahkan perasaan..so sad..

You Are Equally Close to Your Friends and Family

Depending on the situation, you can feel closer to your friends or your family.

They each are valuable to you in their own ways, and you couldn't imagine living without either of them.

Your friends and family aren't ideal, but you're happy to have so many great people in your life.

At the end of the day, you're thankful for all your personal connections... flaws and all.

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