You Are Ready to Get Married

Wahh..betol ke..ecehcehceh..aku sebenornya takot nak fall in love lagi..besides, i don't have time for it..i think my mom need me the most..so aku tak pk yang aku ada masa untuk semua tu..but..who knows kan..Allah punya kuasa..sape tak nak kawen kan..suma nak kawen..the point is aku TAKOT..and satu lagi..aku......tak pe la..tu jer..

You've done more than dream about the dress and the honeymoon

In fact, you spend a good deal of your time thinking about what makes a relationship work

And from your answers, it looks like you have the skills to say "I Do" and mean it

You've dated enough, learned your fair share, and you're ready to settle down.

Are You Ready To Be A Wife?


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