Enough is enough !

I think i don't have to explain the reason why i was being so damned cruel and cold hearted yerterday..I'm tired of being the "old me"..tired of being someone else doll..tired of being a "public trash can"..where all the unwanted probs n conflicts di humbankan..

People sometimes so kejam n selfish..they dumped their probs to others..n let others to think of it..dragging others into their conflict..menolak segala masalah itu kepada orang lain to face and solve it..


U have to face ur own probs..face and solve it..make the right decision..choose the right alternative..running away won't change anything..u only make it worse..u have the right on ur own life..don't let others control it..

We used to be a "public trash can"..gave our hand..membantu dorang2 yang memerlukan..from relatives to strangers..all are the same..selagi bernama manusia..bila kiter buat baik sket..mula naik tocang..started to backstabbing us..mule nak jadi tuan..fitnah yang bukan2..kiter plak yang jadi jahat..badmouthing us (as like we never realized it)..*cilakak..how could they did that..

That's why we decided not to be treated like a "public trash can" anymore..enough is enough..biar bermasam muka sekarang..dari makan ati berulam jantung masa2 akan datang..

I don't care if there are people (now by reading this entry) said "cakap macam ni..kene kat ko baru ko tau cam mane rasanyer"..persetan..i know what i am doing..aku plak cakap kat ko "kalau ko pernah rasa ape yang aku rasa ko akan setuju dengan tindakan aku tanpa banyak soal"..

I need a space for myself now..there are so many things happened to me sepanjang 20 tahun idup ni..so many many many things..and it's bothering and troubling me much..korang tau betapa susah aku nak menjalani kehidupan aku sepanjang usia aku ni..i'm struggling to live like a normal human being..sometimes i feel like i can't take it anymore..but i know..i am strong as i'm still standing with a false smile on my face..sounds pathetic rite..

Oleh kerana itu..aku tak nak sesape datang membawa masalah dalam idup aku yang dah banyak masalah ni..conflict idup aku cukup menyeksakan aku tak payah nak tambah dengan conflict yang tak berkenaan dengan aku lagi..

It's better to be hell damned cruel rather than being victimized by people yang sangat2 kejam kat luar sana..

2 Mind Spoke Hand Wrote:

The Spiral Eyes said...

never bother what people say to you as they not the one who will feed you

hOOdedLicIOUS said...

The Spiral Eyes,
yah..i really hope i could do so..

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