What's Real and Mythical About Birthmarks

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Holy Mole-y! Bare Naked Birthmarks

By Allison Ford

All pregnant women spend nine months hoping and praying that their children will be born healthy and normal. Ten fingers and ten toes is the standard baby wish, and anything beyond that is a blessing. I was born with all my digits, but imagine my parents’ surprise when they turned me over to find my lower back covered with an angry red splotch. I was one of the one in ten children born every year with a vascular birthmark.

There are many different types of birthmarks, which can appear on almost every part of the body. I sometimes felt self-conscious about my own, but growing up, very few of my friends didn’t have some sort of birthmark, whether it was a brown smear on an arm, a red port wine stain on the face, or in one friend’s case, a single purple toe. Birthmarks are extremely common, and luckily, they’re usually harmless. It’s not clear why some people get them and some don’t, but they occur most often in Caucasian children and up to five times more often in girls. They are sometimes apparent at birth, but some types of birthmarks develop soon after.

There are many old wives’ tales about birthmarks; they are the sign of a mother’s unfulfilled wishes, the result of something the mother ate during pregnancy, or the product of a traumatic birth. The truth is much less sensational … they are not mom’s fault and they’re not contagious. Some birthmarks can have a genetic component, but most simply occur at random. Although having a birthmark in the Middle Ages might have gotten you accused of witchcraft, most marks today don’t have any serious or lasting effects on a person’s health.

Birthmarks fall into one of two categories: pigmented or vascular. Pigmented birthmarks are a result of an overgrowth of melanocytes, the cells that regulate the pigment in our skin. Pigmented birthmarks are very common, including marks such as café-au-lait spots, moles, and Mongolian blue spots.

Café au lait spots are coffee-colored spots that can appear anywhere on the body, although the smooth, rounded marks are usually found on the torso or lower body. Some children have multiple spots, and although they don’t fade, they are usually harmless. However, if you detect several of these spots, it could potentially be a symptom of a nerve disease and you should have them checked out by a doctor.

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