It was unexpected..

Salam peep-pals..

This is my first entry of the year 2010..in this very first day of Jan 2010 i thought it should one fine day..but..suddenly i got a call from someone that has been missing for quite a long time .my xbf..who has married to someone else 2 years plus ago..why he called me?..he still sayang me he said..he want me back..what's that mean..?..nak campak mana anak isteri tu cik abang oii..what i said?..a big NO of coz..tak baik runtuhkan masjid orang..i just asked him to take care of his family very well..love his wife as much as he loved me before..and let me find my happiness with someone else..we are not meant to be together..so let us be friend only..that's all..

For those who dont know..we've been together for 6 years before he married his wife..i was in final year final sem when he told me the news..cruel wasnt he..?..can u imagine how was my condition at that time..macam mayat hidup..haha..now..i'm happy with my life..masa telah mengubati lukaku itu..so for those who just been in my shoes dont worry..dont feel bad..life goes on rite..masa jugak akan mengubati anda..banyakkan berdoa pada Allah SWT..

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