It's not bad at all..


Today is my first day wearing hijab..it is not bad at all..i feel comfortable and calm instead..thanks to my beloved flesh and blood sister who support and encourage me much..luv yah sis..well my planning was i should wear it on the 1st Jan 2010..as i'm wasnt going anywhere instead of staying at home watching movie and playing games..now i feel more calm and peace inside me..everyday i pray so that this will last long..forever..

Ofcoz this is not my very first time wearing hijab..i wore hijab several years ago (during my study time in uitm merbok and school time)..it was compulsory to wear hijab ( for uitm merbok student to attend classes) during that time..i heard, now no more..as for secondary school student definitely compulsory..no arguement..u have to wear it..but not all school practising this rule..there are some school do not enforcing this rule..

Whatever it is..i feel happy with changes i made to myself..i hope people around me will accept me as what i am now..

2 Mind Spoke Hand Wrote:

~LIZA~ said...

good for u :)

hOOdedLicIOUS said...

Thanks girl..

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