End of Year Left Over....

Yesterday me & June was attending one dialog at Sungai Petani..as u can see from the above picture..looking at the title of the campaign i was thinking that it was a some kind of green campaign or maybe cleanliness campaign or something to do with how to increase tourist in Kedah..when i look at the powerpoint handout they gave us when we registered, it was about licensing, law and act..they wanted to update us, the industry player, to the new changes in ministry, law, procedure and act..so i was like hmm..maybe they should change the tittle..coz this shows that this dialoq or seminar or what so ever they call it is being prepared without proper plan..last minute maybe..i also can said that its like "melepaskan batuk ditangga"..

There 3 panels (not to mention their name) for this dialog..at first, one of the panel who is from HQ read us his presentation regarding the law n so on..the one i mention above..why i said "read his presentation" coz he was reading it word by word..hmm..i also can do that kind of presentation i tell u..he should have made his preparation before present it in front of us..actually most of the participants r travel agents, president of associations and hoteliers..so this people will definitely have gazillions of killer question to ask (which is yes..haha..)..he should at least explain in easy word especially the act part..we r not lawyer or law practitioner..its hard for us to understand it well..

After finish, they open a dialog between all industry player and the ministry..many question has been asked by participants..most of the question cannot be answered but panels..the worst answer is "itu di bawah unit lain..kami kurang maklum dengan perkara itu"..OMG..what's the point of organizing these dialog if this kind of answer we got..hah !!

When organizing these kind of program, they should invite rep from all units involved..so that everything wil be clear..we r talking about the new amendment in act and procedure..plus there r changes in some of the portfolio too..this is a big things to be discuss..as what we have been told, now if we wanna renew our permit for tour buses or anything regarding it, the application should be made to SPAD (Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat)..its a new things ok..so we need more info about it..but they cannot give us and ask us to check it online and so on..OMG..again what's the point of organizing these dialog if this kind of answer we got..

I like this so much...

This is not helping at all u know..there's question from a participant..she ask why this kind of program always being organized end of the year and suggested that the ministry should organize program like this often..but the answer given by the panel has proven the weaknesses of the program from beginning.."kita bukan tak boleh buat selalu, tapi kita kena tunggu ada lebihan budget dulu baru boleh buat..makanya sebab tu program macam ni selalu dibuat hujung tahun.."
this why i said "sekadar melepaskan batuk ditangga" or "saja nak habeskan budget"..

Talking about all this things really make me sick..i think all the industry player also feel the same..i'm not someone who like to complain..but its too obvious..i have complain in my entry about the night travel fair too..maybe they think that we r so dumb or desperate..they must know that we, travel agent are the one who supporting Malaysia tourism industry..we r inter dependent..so why not just do the best for us and we will give the best too..haih..

The last session was the makan time..hohoho..food food food..so heading to the cafe..the food was yummy..i even forgot to take picture..the desert was god damn delicious..seriously..it was sagu with santan n gula melaka..after finish our lunch we went back to office...haha..lie..we went to Kamdar as June wanna buy flannel for her new baby's bedding set..then we off to office..

Yours truly..xoxo

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