Great service of the day..

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I just came back from TM Point near my office..paying all the bills..actually since morning i've been trying to pay it but i could see from outside that there were so many people there..hmm..so i think i would go back there in the afternoon..i went straight to office..doing some work and ofcoz set my auto published entry..haha..

I went back to TM at 3.30pm..hell..the crowd is still the same..i just parked my car n went in..i was really shocked when i looked at the number on my ticket..huh..5612..and the number they were calling at that time was 5576..at this time all i think was coming back tomorrow morning..but if my mom knows, she will kill me with her nag..ahaha..i prefer stand n wait rather than being nagged by my mom..boleh barah telinga wooo...

I didn't wait so long..as they did their work really fast..i think i just waited for 20 minutes..hell fast rite..thanks to TM staffs..as they r really efficient..they managed to finish up to 40 customer within 20 minutes..~bagi tabik sprig sekali~

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