How to Be Happy Being Yourself

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Be yourself! This means doing what you want, achieving your goals instead of living up to others expectations. This is your life. Tune out the little voice that says "What will so-and-so think."

Accept and forget. Write down all your flaws, everything you don't like about yourself. Divide them into three columns: worth worrying about, who cares? and why is it even on this list? Rip them all up. This is not about changing yourself. This is being yourself and loving yourself for it.

Accept and appreciate. Write down everything you like about yourself, even if you think it's trivial. Things like your favorite color or music count too. The list is longer than you think it is.

Eliminate! Identify places or people or things that make you feel uncomfortable with yourself. Eliminate this stuff from your schedule. You have no time for people who don't accept you.

Forget others' opinions. If you feel fat because someone said you were they were probably covering up for their own insecurity problem. You'd be surprised how many people project their own fears by picking on other people. Was the person who said it more overweight than you are? Happens all the time. Feel superior, take the high road and forget.

Learn to forgive. Once your self-esteem is booming and confidence glowing I bet at least one person will be sorry. Forgive and forget. Everyone makes mistakes. You did by listening to them.

Enjoy yourself! Life is short. Live it well. Never back down from an obstacle you face. Always remember,you are number one. You are you and its only the world around you.

Learn to have a good laugh everyday. Call it your daily dose of laughter. Laughter has been proven to help you relax, boost your immune system, protect your heart, and help you just feel good in general. Think about old stuff that you thought was funny and laugh about it again!

Enjoy what you do, and don't let ANYONE get you down because they don't do it, or they don't like it. No one can be normal because everyone's unique.

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