Musim Mengawan..hohoho!!!

10 days have passed since the school holidays started..do you think what i'm thinking? hmm..the mating season has arrived...hoho..i have several invitation actually last weekend..but i did not have chance to attend as i was in KL the whole weekend..last Saturday was my cousin wedding reception..pardon me for not attending ya..

Actually, school holiday isn't synonym with wedding only..this is the time where parent start planning for their boy(s) to go for khatan or sunat (circumcision)..hmm..ya la..its a long holiday ma..so..are u ready boys...haha..

During my dad's time, he said it was difficult to circumcised boys because the methods used are very scary..so the boys wil start running away..now..hmm..they even ask their parent when they can go for it..haha..time has changed uhh..

P/S:its nasik minyak time..laporrr nyaaa!!

2 Mind Spoke Hand Wrote:

Redbloodsnow said...

sipu-sipu lak zie tgk last pic tu. HAHAHA :D


hehehe....itu sebab letak yang art cam ni..huhu..i pon malu la..haha..

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