Peuww!! Settle dah..lega...

Hmm..i'm not disappointed at all when we being defeated by Syra last nite..The squad have play so hard ok..n we must considered also that they just came back from Jakarta then without proper rest have to faced Syra..what should we expect..the opponent managed to get 2 goals..weren't we good enough..? our beloved goalkeeper, Apex, is the best goalkeeper in SEA ok..Tabik spring la...Hebatttt!!!!

In my opinion,the match last nite rely more on players spirit..they have less energy after their match with Indonesia..the strength is not there even not all from the last match played in this match..after all i'm proud of them..this is what we call spirit..they have played very hard attacked and defended our goal..thanks guys..~panjang mukhadimah~

hmm..actually i have another story to share here..I just came back from somewhere...hmm..i don't know what is the result..but they said they will call me tomorrow or at least before tuesday..we gonna see how..i'm not putting any hope..coz i know my ability and capability..if they call, then i'm happy..if not i should try again some other time..

When i got their first call 2 days ago, i didn't feel anything..not happy also..until this morning when i reached there..the nervous feeling came and felt like peeing in my pants..huhu..this is my first time ok..then when my time came..huaaaaa!!! habes la..it was so quick..n i feel like a silly dumb uneducated girl sitting there..suddenly i got a mental blocked and zipped mouth..hah..what is this !! ~shout out loud~

Well to be positive, lets bygone be bygone..i have been through it..lets leave it to Allah hands..if there is my rezeki then i will got it..hmm..~sungguh positive sampai air mata merembes macam karakter anime~

If i got it..haha..i'm the happiest girl in the universe..hooorayy!!~haip belom dapat lagi..jangan suka sangat~


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