Pisang Kaki

Salam peep-pals,

Guys..have u ever heard or know or even eat persimmon or as local said as "buah pisang kaki"?..the scientific name for this fruit is Diospyros Kaki.. i think this where the got the name "buah pisang kaki"..hehe..

Its has been mass planted in China, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Israel, New Zealand, Iran, Australia and Maxico..the biggest producer of this fruit in the world ofcoz China as in 2005, they has produced 1,837,000 tonnes of it...wow!! then followed by Korea 250,000 tonnes , Japan 230,000 tonnes and Brazil 150,000 tonnes..the rest country mentioned above produced less than 55,000 tonnes on that year..

Guys Persimmon is a deep orange, waxy fruit which similar to tomato in shape..it is native to China and then being introduce to Japan and other countries..Persimmons which have dark colored flesh are has non-astringent taste and very sweet..it should be eaten before it become too soft..

Persimmons which have light colored flesh has astringent taste even until it's soften..this is becoz of the presence of large amount of tannin inside it..tannin also can be found in tea and banana skin..however, the tannin will disappears when the fruits start to ripe.    

Persimmon will start to ripe on tree..during harvest time, the harvester will make sure that the fruits do not fall down to avoid bruise and damage..so they will put extra care to it and pamper it so that the flesh won't get soften n mushy..yuck!!

I like persimmons so much especially the dried one..it's soooooo sweeeeeetttt..dried persimmon is only can be found in market in large quantity during Chinese New Year..what i mean is, they will start selling it 2-3 months before Chinese New Year..so at this time i will go n borong sakan...haha..makan sampai kembong!!

Pisang kaki or persimmon is also my mom and dad favorite..last week they bought some from Tesco..well fresh persimmon can be found in market all the time..at least whenever i wanna eat they are there..huhu..i think it is not a seasonal fruit (correct me if i'm wrong)..what ever it is..i like it so much..

There two types of dried persimmon as u can see from the picture above..one is without sugar another one is with sugar..i think the white powder on it is sugar coz it's sweet (correct me if i'm wrong again...~shame~..)..

The white one is really dried..this one can easily be found in market..i still remember 12 years ago i went to Padang Besar n saw they sell it..that was the first time i ate it n i like it till now..there were so many..huh..its like a huge dried persimmon market..i wonder if now they still sell it or not coz the last time i went there..no more..

According to my late grandfather (my mother side), this dried persimmons always being use in lai chee kang as it helps too cool ur body from inside..hmm..

Another one is plain..this is the one i said not easily be found..it is like 70% dried..the flesh inside is smooth and sweet..i like this one so so so muchos..i will go n get it once it's available in market..haha..

So this is all about persimmon..all pictures and information are from uncle google..~clap clap~..


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Punk Chopsticks said...

Lol I love persimmons!! Well, I prefer the fresh ones but hey, each to his own right? Love your blog! Ahhhhhhhhh!,! Another Kedahan! XD I love youuuu


ahaha...i love u too..love ur blog too...ur english superb..


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