Quick Pancake For Breakfast

Last weekend i was so rajin to prepare breakfast for me and my mom...so i was thinking of making pancake..coz its easy and yummy to eat..plus its fluffy too..how to do it..its really easy..i use blender instead of mixer..the ingredients i use is actually without proper measurement..but the result is outstanding....matikkk la...huhuh..

If u want the recipe all i can say is what i put inside the blender..the measurement..? haha..belasah jer...

Quick Pancake For Breakfast
2-3 cup of Wheat Flour, 1 egg, 1 ts baking powder, 1 ts bicarbonated soda, 1 ts vanilla essence 1 cup of evaporated milk/fresh milk , water (optional - to be add when the batter is too thick), 1-2 tbs brown sugar and pinch of salt

Mixed all this together inside a bowl and pour inside ur blender..blend it till its smooth..at the same time melt half of ur butter and pour inside the blender..

Make sure its has smooth texture..then leave it for a while before u start prepare it for ur love one..you also can garnish it with chunky nuts, chocolate chips, diced strawbery or any fruits u like, honer or just eat it plain..nice ok..try it urself..


2 Mind Spoke Hand Wrote:

Ayu Na said...

oh sedap2 :)

tetibe lapar la pulak. huhu~


hehe...yer..bila diingatkan balik..hmmm lapar jugak..huhu..

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