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Courtesy of internet

I always wanted to release my stress in different way instead of sleeping...yes..normally when i feel so stress i will just sleep..then when i wake up, everything will be vanished..but sometimes its just for a lil while..then i will start feeling stress again..

While bloghopping, i bumped into a blog which for me is so good, owned by a girlish girl live in KL..she a student and she look so happy..while reading her blog i can see that she is so positive, she loves herself so much and she is being surrounded by people who care and love her so much.

She come out with so many idea on how u should appreciate urself like giving urself a spa treat, padi and mani, facial treatment, movies, eating and spending ur quality time doing something that inspire you the most with ur best buddies..

Courtesy of internet

When i look back at me (my life ofcoz), I'm going to join the 30's club very soon..n yet im so dumb when talking about how we should appreciate ourself..i really need to change my lifestyle a lil bit b4 i reach 30..so i started by doing a foot spa (my own style) and treat myself with a cup of jasmine tea i bought in Vietnam last year..and yes, i agree with her..it was really good moment..n feel calm, happy n automatically the positive aura spread over my body and mind..make me feel so happy and positive the next morning..i woke up with a smile on my face, energetic and cheerful..

I also read about how you should make as many changes as u can in your life..what i mean is lifestyle changes...but i forgot which web..the changes he meant is just simple and yet make sense..one of it is rewarding urself after going through a hard work, hard week or hard day..lets check what kind things you can do to reward urself which not only making ur life more meaningful but also to make u feel more confidence, energetic, happy, positive and motivated..

1. Spend ur time to watch new movie in cinema with your friends, family or love one
2. Get a new stuff for urself like t.shirt, shoes, hijab, towel in ur fav color, new carpet for ur room and so on..it shouldn't be expensive or big one..
3. Treat urself with good food outside..
4. Get the latest edition of book or novel of your fav writer..
5. Treat urself at spa..
6. Visit places that u never ever think of going b4 like museum, art galerry, zoo, aquaria and so on or do something u never do like water rafting, wall climbing..why? just to try something new..to change ur normality (shopping, bowling and so on)..
7. Go for short vacation like 2 days trip..somewhere near..Penang maybe...or Melaka..or maybe PD..just to get fresh air..
8. if u r broke that month maybe stay at home watching ur fav movie, drama or series while munching ur fav snack..it sound unhealthy but who cares as long as it make u happy..
9. Try new recipe and have it with your family or ur love one..
10. Do ur own facial treatment or home spa with natural ingredients u have in ur kitchen..

Courtesy of internet

There r many more u can do..the point is, create different activities each time..u will see how ur life, ur mood and ur mind will be..ur psychological need will be fulfilled without u knowing it..

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