616 Malaysians under detention abroad for smuggling drugs

Hmm..sometimes we only focus on how Iranian, African, Pakistan and other people from around the globe being arrested for smuggling drugs into our country..but we forgot that there are hundreds of our people out there around the globe being in the same shoes with those 'drug mule' we caught..Its reported to be around 616 people..but i think the number is greater than that..

We tend to point our finger to them (foreigner)..even the good one also has been accused bad..why the offense committed by another person should be placed on the shoulders of innocent people..we became angry when the world accuses Islam of being a terrorist..don't u think they feel the same way when we keep accusing them being a trouble maker or drug dealer or bad person in our country..? 

Not all of them are bad ofcoz and not all of our people are good..yes they are foreigner..but the are also human being..just respect them and accept them in our society..there are some of them are good..this is no one country..everything belongs to Allah..just share everything we have with others and live in harmony..

Below is the news on the 616 Malaysians under detention abroad for smuggling drugs..i just pity them..but nothing can we do..

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 8 (Bernama) -- A total 616 Malaysians are under detentionabroad after they were arrested for attempting to smuggle drugs for syndicatesin the last five years.

Deputy Foreign Minister, Senator A. Kohilan Pillai said, of the total, 449were Chinese, 104 Malays, 50 Indians and 13 others."The ''drug mules'' are being detained in Thailand (192), Singapore (155),China (92), Indonesia (43), Taiwan (32), Australia (23), Spain (20), Brazil(17), Japan (10), and eight each in Brunei, Cambodia, Peru and Venezuela," he said when answering a question from Senator M.Malasingam.

To a supplementary question from Senator Mohd Khalid Ahmad on measures toprevent youths from being involved with the syndicates, he said Wisma Putra wasworking closely with the police and institutions of higher learning."We try to prevent youths from being duped by drug syndicates throughcontinuous cooperation and numerous awareness campaigns and programmes.

"On the part of the ministry, Wisma Putra recently, through a live RadioTelevision Malaysia telecast in the Drug Mule dialogue segment had advised thepublic, especially parents and women, against being victimised by suchsyndicates," he said.-- BERNAMASFA NAK AZ MO

2 Mind Spoke Hand Wrote:

Redbloodsnow said...

tak habis² je nak mendadah dotg tu


mendadah..huhu...Zie ni ade jer perkataan baru..yer la..ingat sedap kot dadah tu..ada kot macam mkan eskrem..huhu...

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