Beef Oblong Burger Style

This is one of  the best food i ever ate..I bought it for lunch this afternoon..Well actually this is my lunch for the entire last week..The taste was superb..Its from Cik Ein Burger stall in front of my office..This actually the famous burger maker in my hometown..Just say the name everybody know..he's been in this business for 23 years now..can u imagine that..

sape kate jual burger tak bleh kaya?

The smell make me hungry..:P

First Bite.... 

Second bite.. 


What r u looking at...?
Its minnneeeeeee......

See the patty.Just like Prosperity Burger from McD..

Bite, bite n bite...ohh..i cant stop biting it...

This remind me of Pizzarotti..the one that Aaron McCargo, Jr from Astro Lifestyle Channel talk about in The best thing i ever ate segment..

What's inside it?
2 piece of long bread
Salad leaves
Chilli Sauce
Cheese Slice
Beef patty dipped in black pepper sauce..


Happy face...burp..excuse me !!!


3 Mind Spoke Hand Wrote:

Nava.K said...

that burger you are enjoying is tempting me now since I have not had any food since the time I work up.

Redbloodsnow said...

haduiii...ko ni alin. buatkan zie ngidam burger je weh. haiyaa. kena tggu mlm karang ler jawapnya....hehehe


Nava.K..McD operate 24/7..anytime anywhere..haha..

Zie..yeah..jom kita makan burger...huhu..pssstt Zie..prosperity burger dah kuar...hahah..jom terjah McD...

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