Colors & Eyes

Hello peep-pals,
How do u do? doing fine uhh..otherwise u won't be here..am i rite?

Girls (maybe guys also read this..:P), they loves colors so much..especially colors for face..haha..who dont !!..me..i loike..huhu..but the problem is..i dont know how to play with colors on my face and i'm lazy to do so too..

As we know, makeup involves several parts of the face that are the whole face, lips, cheek, chin, eyes and nose..20-30 years ago, they were concentrate more on lips..as u can see from Marilyn Monroe picture..her lips always in red..

Now,it's like a trend where most of girls/women/ladies/makeup artist more emphasize on eyes..actually, its better  than to put full attention to the lips..have u ever heard that love start from the eyes..hehe..well..i did googled  some pictures for u guys..just for fun..check it out..enjoy!!!

Glitters Eyes

Gothic Eyes

Gothic Eyes

Gothic Eyes

Harajuku  Eyes

Harajuku Eyes

 Cat Eyes

Summer Cat Eyes

Smokey Cat Eyes (so sexy)

Summer Eyes

Summer eyes

 Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes

Pictures Courtesy of Google

2 Mind Spoke Hand Wrote:

Redbloodsnow said...

pic yg smokey eyes tu bapak giler lawa la. teringin zie nk buat camtu gak taw alin. tp idak reti nk blend kaler..hehe


tapi kan kiter suka jer makeup mata zie tu..hehe..

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