Condom = Protection

This is commercial vid is actually an advertisement of one condom brand called Zazoo..
Their campaign is really something..like "Use protection, or u will get this"..

Kalau ade anak cam gini aku pon tak nak..huhu..no offend ok..Courtesy of youtube..

Not all kids like this la..if we teach them well they will behave..If u teach them wrong..they will turn out to be like this..u r the one who trained them to be like what the be now..hmm

2 Mind Spoke Hand Wrote:

Punk Chopsticks said...

LMAO!!!!! This is hilarious xD Too bad Malaysia doesn't promote family planning. Gah. Babies are being dumped and people are getting aids because the govt thinks that handing out condoms is going to "encourage" free sex. Wtf.


yah..true..we couldn't encourage free sex but at the same time we must do something about the issues..hmm..babies r being dumped, aids..hah..i wonder what r we suppose to do about this..

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