Discount 83%...its the craziest sale..

Classic and elegant...so shinny..i wish i have one at home..haha..

Swanky and stunning..
Huh..so Shinny

Dream of having a shinny car like this..no need to have a luxury one..
All u need is a touch from an expert..
Car Wash, Polishing, Waxing, Vacuuming, Dashboard & Door Panel Treatment. Tyre Shining..All this for RM68..
Yes its RM68..
Do u know much it was...RM403..83% discount
Unbelievable rite..its crazy!!!!!!

2 Mind Spoke Hand Wrote:

Redbloodsnow said...

PERGHH! MMG BERKILAT! hehe. syg offer ni hanya ada kat semenanjung :(


tu la..sayangnya ada kat kl jer..huhu..

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