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Our lips are the most sensitive part or our face..they needs to be nurtured with care in order to avoid dryness, flaky, cracked, chapped and dull looking lips..having a sexy lips are all girl's dream..some dare to spend thousands dollar just to have them..some dare to go through painful injection and plastic surgery..huh..i can't imagine it..

Sexy lips do not exactly valued by their shape but how healthy they are..smooth pinkish lips make you look attractive than the one who have dry and cracked looking lips (even though the shape is super sexy)..so..what u need to focus on is not the shape or ur lips..but how healthy they are..

There are several ways to care and protect ur lips..what u can do is to drink more water in order to maintain the moisture on ur skin and to be specific lips instead of to avoid dehydration problem..Scrubbing helps in blood circulation beside exfoliating dead cells and dried skin..u can use sugar or honey..what u have to do is massage ur lips in circle motion..

U cannot depends on water alone to make sure your lips are moisturized..what u can use is petroleum jelly, lip balm, lip gloss and shea butter..these product contain a good moisturizing agent..however, we cannot deny that it contains preservative, artificial coloring agent and chemical..lips moisturizer forms a protection layer to our lips, but at the same time the layer also prevent toxins and other unwanted  substance from getting out.

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A healthy natural pink complexion lips are sometimes darkened due too excessive smoking or chewing nicotine based products and consuming to much alcohol. Beside that, overuse of lipstick can also cause lips darkening..in order to reduce the risk is by applying lips balm, butter or jelly before applying ur fav lipstick..

Today i'm gonna share with you how to make ur own lip balm, lip butter, lip gloss, lip jelly or whatever u call it..this is definitely will be safe and 100% natural without any preservatives..

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Aloe Vera Lip Gloss Recipe

Leave you lips smooth, soft and moisturized.

1 tsp aloe vera gel
1/2 tsp coconut oil
1/8 tsp vitamin E oil

Mix all together.
Stir the mixture until smooth and pour into container.

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