Do children mirror their parents behavior?

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Parents are the best example for children..how we walk that's how they walk, how we eat that's how they eat, how we speak that's how they talk and so on so forth..well you may not noticed this but if you look very carefully u may find it..

The most common problem faced by parents is when their children are stubborn..the worst is when they start to shout at you..hah !feel like slapping that cute lil mouth..actually its not their fault..remember that this lil fellas copycat everything from you..YES YOU..do u ever sit down n think back how did u speak with your husband, your mom, your friends, your neighbors or even with them? Well, you better do it rite now~

The way they talk to you is actually the way you talk to them or people around you..when you shouting at them or at people around you, they will think that this is the correct way to talk with people...they learn everything from you..and ofcoz its start from the beginning..i mean its start when they are babies..have you heard this "monkey see, monkey does'? 

When i was doing my degree, i did read a journal about this..so from now on, stop blaming your children for their bad behavior..as parents it is our responsibility to correct them when they wrong and be a good idol to them..the first thing you have to do is..reset you mind and your attitude, insyaAllah they will become distinguished and outstanding in future.. 

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iman salsabila said...

yeah. parents should not blame their kids n punish them just coz their kids had done smting wrong. agreed with ur points :)

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