Fashion for curvy girls..don't afraid to be fashionable..

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Girls out there, having a chunky type of body is not a curse..its just that u have a lil 'extra' than others..some find it sexy ok..aummm!!..haha..Instead of being so depress and stress, you should be thankful..at least u r healthy..being slim and skinny doesn't mean that u r totally healthy..am i rite?

Courtesy of Google

So..Having a stout body doesn't mean that you cannot be fashionable..there are plenty of shops in Malaysia that sells latest and trendy fashion..you just need to choose the most suitable one for you..some shop/outlet provide you with free image consultant/adviser..make use of this girls..its free..

Don't be sad girls..u deserved to look gorgeous and charming too..here i have googled out several swanky fashion that suitable for those curvy girls out there..

This one is my all time favorite..

They look gorgeous at least for me..

This is cute n sweet..

Wear this with black A-line type of skirt to be more feminine..

Simple n nice...

Try it in your favorite styles..

So girlish..i like this one..


hmm..ok la..

This is gorgeous..


Simple..just like my style..

Oh ya..before o forgot..i would like to share with you where you can get this kind of tops and dress in Malaysia..Well..as for me..i choose Scarlet Plus from Jusco and Ms Read..first, because its simple and contemporary..second, its affordable..third, good quality..hmm..u may visit their nearest branch to check the latest fashion they have..for Ms Read..u can check it on their website..its drooling ok..haha..

I wish i have this in my closet..

The right one caught my eyes..

Stand out..

Sexy..gorgeous..stunning..stand out..

Feminine and sexy..

Lovely..yummy yellow..

This one is so simple and gorgeous...i like this one..

So beautiful..
Suddenly i feel proud being a woman..haha

All pictures r courtesy of Google


4 Mind Spoke Hand Wrote:

Nava.K said...

Yes, yes, its about embracing the curves, feeling confident and finding the right clothes to look good.


yes..correct..just increase the confident level and also to love ourselves..we (including me..huhu) also deserved to look good aren't we..:)

Redbloodsnow said...

dress last tu super lawa! berkenan! hehe


kan..kiter pon bekenan..

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