Finally, it's confirmed!!

Good-day Peeps,

Im happy today..coz finally its confirmed..remember my last post about the phone call from Domino's Pizza? Click here for the post..Well actually i did apply for Domino's Pizza Restaurant Manager last month during the Career Fair in Penang..then after  a weeks (or 2) they call me for an interview..so i went there...it was actually the first interview..the interviewer named Mr Tan didn't ask so much..actually it wasn't like an interview at all..it was like a briefing of how is the process of becoming a restaurant manager will be..

So he explain, first i will have to go for training..at this time my position will be Manager in Training. Then after 13 weeks they will assign me to the nearest domino's outlet to my hometown as assistant manager..As they r planning to open 1 outlet in my hometown probably i will in charge there..or they will send me to somewhere nearby..hmm..i don't mind where they will located me..

Then he said someone will call me next week..then a girl call me ask me to go for 2nd interview..this one was a REAL interview..ok to be honest..i never go for an interview..haha..so i was so nervous n panic i don't know here was that place..n was lost too..well the walk in interview was started at 4..i reached there at 5..*good..

Well as it was a walk in interview ofcoz i have to wait like 1 hour for my turn (as i reach late too..haha..first come first served)..when my turn came..i was so nervous..i even got a very low marks for my IQ test..haha..the interviewer (i didnt know his name as he never intro himself) asked me so many question (typical interview questions)..haha..n my answer was really funny n sounds stupid too..i think he might noticed that kept playing with my ring..aha..one question he asked me..'What skill should a manager have?'  hoh! i was blank..then suddenly one of the staff came n talked with him..i was like 'think, think'..haha..then i got the answer..phew!!

Lastly he said, 'my girl will give u a call next week'..then i went back..hoho..i felt stupid..i was driving in regret the whole way back home..i am stupid..that what i was thinking..hhmm..then last friday the officer named Vijaya called me..he said that i got the job but will confirm back with me once she got all my document..hoho..i waited nearly the whole week for them to call me..as they didn't call me..i thought i should give them a call..who knows that they might change their mind..haha crazy thought..

Then its confirmed then..I'm one of Domino's Malaysia team now..I don't mind if my salary isn't much..i just want a new experience, a new start and be happy..that's all..I'll be reporting my duty on 27 Dec 2011..i'll be staying at my sister's house (well..she also need someone to take care the house too as she already move to Sarawak)..hmm..Wish me luck guys..


4 Mind Spoke Hand Wrote:

Original CikTeddy said...

wah..cik bace smpai hbis.well,i like ur writing sist!well done^^

jom singgah cik :)

NANA... said...

i'm also have got the called from domino's pizza before...hee...:) also from vijaya..eheheh..but unfortunately...i've received the offer from government for the same time..so didn't go for domninos pizza...erm...so sad..:(

Cik Rose Cute said...

follow sini...


Cik Teddy..thanks for visiting..will pay a visit to urs soon..

Nana..its good la..i always wanted to work in gov sector..but no chance yet..

Cik Rose..hmm..will do..

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