Good bye everyone..Im gonna miss SPA Travel & the rest of you

Today is my last day in this company..actually i am sad to leave but i also need to move on, change my life my career..well i wish everyone here all the best in the future..I would like to apologize for all my mistake..mintak dihalalkan gaji selama ni dan apa jugak yang termakan terminum terguna dunia akhirat..we will always meet as they are all my relatives, my sisters..its my pleasure to help in anything..just gimme a call or sms..to June..whenever you come to kl pls call me..i will go n meet u..

Yesterday i have said goodbye to Ms Manager, Kak Eda and Kak Ana from other office..suddenly i felt so sad n cried..haha..silly me..its not that i'm not gonna see them..its just like working for 4 and half years giving me such a memory..im gonna work at a new place with new environment and new friends..harap hubungan tak putus di sini..I love both of you..Goodbye..tsk tsk tsk

 Me and Ms Manager, Kak Eda at Langkawi

Kak Ija, Kak Azie, Kak Eda, June & Me during Bowling Tournament

June & me

 Kak Ana & Kak Eda during my big sister wedding..they have help a lot..thanks guys..

Latest picture of us..My last Travel Fair with them..I'm gonna miss you guys..

Good bye to The Tree Top Walk Sg Sedim & SPA Travel...tsk tsk tsk!!

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