How they trap you into drug syndicate?

While searching for Anak Mami Kembali movie in youtube, i found this very useful video..It was a campaign by Singapore authorities i guess ..its about how one (girls especially) can trapped into drugs syndicate and become a drug mule without knowing it..actually most of them are being victimized..ofcoz immigration officer or even the court won't believe you if u said that u don't know how those drugs get into ur luggage..

We cannot say that only black will do things like this..as u can see from the video, there is local citizen involvement..I hope this will help us to be more careful in everyday life..we will never know what might happen to us in the future..well as mentioned earlier not only black will do this evil things..we may be deceived by our own race..

So just be extra careful..do not easily trust people u just know for 3 second..when people offer you for free holiday, think 100 times coz it might be a trap..DO NOT LET OTHER PEOPLE PACK YOU THINGS..if the person offer you to borrow his/her bag, DO NOT TAKE IT..do not take any parcel from them to be transported with you..just be aware and always open your eyes widely..the most importantly, do not be deceived by wealth..

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