Kapten Aziizur Wed Kapten Sofea Part 1

Today i went to my cousin brother wedding..its a 'wow' wedding actually..the best was there was a charlie aircraft circling in the air in 3 times round.. it flew very low to pay tribute to the newly wed couple..weird? haha..both of them are captain in rank..my cousin brother served in the air force while his wife is in RAMD..their wedding was filled with military custom..hmm nice..unfortunately i couldn't enjoy it so much as I'm not feeling well since yesterday..the food was ok..the goodies was ok too..as usual my mom family will give Laddu to all the guest during wedding..we gave laddu too during my big sis wedding last year..I managed to take video..will upload it later as i have no mood now..

Tomorrow I'll be going to KL..a bit sad to leave my mom alone..but what to do..its for better future..better life..I'm really really sad..I'm gonna miss my mom so much..I dont know how am I gonna leave alone there coz all this while i have her beside me all the time..hmm..hope everything will be ok..uwaaaaaa! tsk tsk tsk...

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