Modern bed - Its beyond your thought

Morning Peep-Pals,
How was ur nite?talking about nite..sleep..its so close with bedroom..what is the main attraction in bed room? BED..ofcoz..haha..bed is important...it should be cozy..the mattress plays a big role in giving a good sleep at nite..so do choose the best mattress ok..

I'm not going to talk about mattress now..what i'm gonna share with u guys is weird yet modern types of bed..well at least we know that the bed doesn't need to be solid square..huhue..enjoy!!

 Not bad..I dont know why i feel like it has Thai's element..

Egg shape bed..its like living in star wars world..huhu

Hah..im not gonna sleep in this bed..scary..ignore the other pic..i also don't understand it..

The Left one is nice..feel like living in Hercules time..haha..the top right..hmm..shrek is all i can think about now..not bad..full of fairy tale..and the bottom right..hmm.i have no comment..haha..

This one is not suitable for two..especially couple..the chain might not strong enough to support..but still cute and nice..

Hanging bed..hmm..not suitable for those who rough and heavy..huhu..

Round bed..hey..i found one in Sunway Piramid..but its white and modern..

My favorite..modern, simple yet cozy..i wish i have one..

Pic are courtesy of Google

That's all from me..

10 Mind Spoke Hand Wrote:

eVa said...

wahhh!!! sedap sgt tidor kalau dpt bilik mcm tu.. dapat tido satu malam.. tak yah bgn.. ehe

Ayu Na said...

hehe..dh pernah tgk pics ni..sebab sy pn suke google pics home deco/ interior design. sgt awesome :)



Ayu Na..yeah..its awesome...hope to have one..

Mohd Rozaiman said...

...satu bilik satu design,baru best...tukar2 bilik...ha ha ha

hafrawiey ozakawa said...

hehee...round bed tuh mmg menarik giler..teringin utk jd owner.hahahhaa...sunway piramid mmg best...

p/s:done follow here..follow back


MR...wah wah...bleh jer..busan bilik tukar bilik tu plak kan..

HO..cute kan..yeah..semua ada di sana..syok..

Nava.K said...

Amazing and so creative but wonder how many of these are practical for a good sleep.


Nava.K...i was asking that to..haha.i dont think its practical for a good sleep..hahaha..

Redbloodsnow said...

eee lawa! kalauuu lah dpt bed cam gitu for real..kan best. paling suka yg no.1 dan buaian tu.

yg buaian tu...sure nyenyak cam bby tdo. hehe


hehe...buai laju2 sampai balik sana..hehe..nak2 plak pasang aircon slow..nyaman ja..memang tdo tak kalih2 la jawapnya..

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