Northern Dialect

Northern dialect is very popular among Malaysian..its has been widely used in drama n film too..I am very proud to acknowledge myself as the northern..but i notice that there are a few words that has been incorrectly quoted..Well lets check it out ok..

Malay Language = Northern Dialect = Incorrectly Quoted
Motor = Moto = Motoq
Banjir = Banjet / Banjir = Banjiaq
Boss = Boss = Boih  (overnya)
Nombor = Nombot Nomboq
Pasir = Pasiaq Pasiak
Jelir = Jelen = Jeliaq (this is worst)
Nakal = Buaih = Nakai (not widely used) 
Daging = Dagin = Daging
Pening = Penin = Pening
Kuala Lumpur = Kolompo = Kualumpoq

and many more....funny dowh~

This is what i mean by Northern Dialect

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