Shoo Away The Achoo!

You are standing in the LRT. In that crowded train, suddenly a person who stand right behind you sneeze three times..what would you think then? what is the first thing that could comes in your mind?..haha..

If me, this will come to my mind:

"What the F"
"Hell Idiot"
"Don't ur momma teach you how to cover ur mouth when sneezing"
"Im gonna be sick after this..uhhh!! i need to take my shower now"
"Red alert, red alert. Im gonna fall sick after this"

Haha..what's urs? Well dont share with me here..Share to Blackmores Malaysia's FB Page ! Join their ' Shoo Away the Achoo' caption contest by sharing ur thought when people go 'Achoo!' what you have to do? Just fill up the thought bubbles in the given scenario and you could win urself some great prizes..isn't it awesome????

What r u gonna get..!!! What i can tell u is one of it is Ipod nano..cool!!

Wanna join?
Click here..

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