White Shirt, Finally I Found YOU!!

Hello Peep-pals,
Last Friday me n mom went shopping..actually we r looking for a  long sleeves white tee, black pants and shoes  for me..as I'm going for the MIT this 27 Dec 2011..oh ! those who r still blur click here to see what MIT is..We have been walking around the mall but couldn't find it..they don't have long sleeves white tee..all i found is short sleeves white tee with collar..euww..I grabbed long sleeves purple tee instead of long sleeves white tee..huhu..

I didn't get my black pants too as the price is extremely expensive..hoh..the price does not match the quality ok..so i decided not to buy it..Our next agenda is to find a pair of shoes for me..it should be black n fully covered..it's not that i don't have one..but mine is sandal type and wedges..they will kick me out if i wear those kind of shoes ofcoz..at first i decide to buy sneakers..but i think with my age now and the position they offer  me i should not be a fool and aggravated myself by wearing sneakers..so i found a nice sporty pump shoes which really suit my taste..unfortunately, they don't have it in my size..at last we walk out the mall with great disappointment..~sigh~

My mom decided that we should go on Saturday n get all the stuffs i need to bring with me next week..i just said yes as i was disappointed..So Yesterday we just went to Giant nearby my house n get all the toiletries for me..then mom said i should look at the garment department maybe they have the white shirt..DAMN..they have ok..haha..i was happy then...i grabbed one..i need to wear it on the first day b4 they give me the uniform..there are several brand...i chose the good one ofcoz, coz its thick n soft..hah..what a release...

After buy all the things i need to bring to kl, we decided to go n look for the shoes..well..the branch here only have few choice BUT..haha..i found the one that i like so much..n they have my size too..i'm happy..i even got my black pants..but not from Giant ofcoz..i went to my fav tailor n he will tailored it for me n promise that it will be ready by tomorrow..hoho..great..i'm happy..

3 Mind Spoke Hand Wrote:

Original CikTeddy said...

mane gmbr kasut?nk tngok jugak yg mane sist suke tu..huhu

cik dh umumkan pmenang brainstroming corner tu^_^

sayanoa said...

waaaa dah banyak cite noa telepas ni
ehem ehem ada voucher free nanti pas2 la kat sini sikit ye :p


Cik teddy..huhu..nak tgk nak tgk sape memang..huhu..oh kasut tu..nanti kiter upload..huhu..

Noaaaa....lama menghilang pegi mana..hehe.for sure akan dikongsi2 ngan kawan2 blogger dont worry..

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