Mission Imposibble 4 - Ghost Protocol

Courtesy of google

Hoh..its Mission Impossible 4 !! saja buat2 terkejut..haha..i think i watched one of it b4 but forgot with part..yang pastinya ada Tom Cruise..well semua pon ada dia..n this Part 4 also starring by the one and only Tom Cruise..

Watch it Now with iMax at TGV Sunway..huhu..i like the lips couch..so gorgeous and sexy too..huhu..well for more info please click here ok..


Fabulous Motherhood Smart Beauty Giveaway..Me Love..Do u?

Yes yes..i love freebies..haha..i always love to join giveaway contest..they really give cool stuff..normally im not the lucky one to win la..haha..but i wish one day i will win..hmm..~menggenggam kedua tangan, mata dipejamkan~

Sometimes i wonder how they come out with such a creative idea..i was trying to organize one too..i think almost an hour i tried to squeeze my brain, result? none..lame rite!!~sigh~

I came across to this fabulous blog called fabulous metherhood..this owner now is organizing a giveaway contest..huh..see see i told..they really give cool stuff ok..

5 fabulous prizes awaiting for 5 lucky winner !! ~hope i'll be the lucky one~

2 Grand Prize:
7ml ENUCA serum worth for RM88 +
1 invitation to 4 hours Hands-on Personal Make up Workshop 

3 Consolations prizes:
1 invitation to 4 hours Hands-on Personal Make up Workshop 

What r u waiting for guys..join it now and get a chance to win those..its easy dowh !! all u need to do is..be Fabulous Motherhood  follower (not to forget twitter follower too), create such entry about this giveaway contest and leave ur permalink at the post comment..that's all..it will be going on until 11.59 pm, 30 November 2011..don't miss out!!


How to Put Ads in Between Your Post

Salam Peep-Pals,
I know many of u have problem in placing nuffnang ads in between ur post..i've been trying it nearly 2 years now..i kept changing my background bcoz of this..yet..still cannot place it in between my post..huh!

Is it so important? haha..hell no..up to u..but im sure u also wanna place it there as every bloggers do rite..today i was just scrolling up and down my HTML template..Try to put here n there..none..it didn't stay at the place i want..hmm..

I went to ceera page again (after like gazillions trial b4 this)..fail again..coz i didnt find the code she mention inside my template..hmm..i went to nuffnang n check it..huh..i know nothing about this html/coding things..nothing..zero ok..jenuh beliak2 bijik mata..i start scrolling and pointing one by one..trial n error until at last..hah!! I GOT IT..~happy mode~

So, i think of sharing it with uol..so for those who have the same prob with me..this might help you..just give it a try ok..who knows it might work on urs as it worked on mine..

First u need to expand ur widget template..its a MUST..i copied this pic from nuffnang..so u can refer to this pic how to do it..

Courtesy of nuffnang

Then search the blue code inside your html template..u have to search it one by one..make sure u have click the 'Expand Widget Template' box (refer to above pic)..otherwise u wont find this code..

Once u find it paste the red code in between it..this red code u can get from ur nuffnang account..then click preview and check..

     <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-2'><span class='post-labels'>        <b:if cond='data:post.labels'>          <data:postLabelsLabel/>          <b:loop values='data:post.labels' var='label'>            <a expr:href='data:label.url' rel='tag'><data:label.name/></a><b:if cond='data:label.isLast != &quot;true&quot;'>,</b:if>          </b:loop>        </b:if>      </span> </div>
      <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'/>    </div>  </div>
<!-- nuffnang --><script type="text/javascript"> nuffnang_bid = "421aa9b0b60fe1de26f090920778a778";</script><script type="text/javascript" src="http://synad2.nuffnang.com.my/j.js"></script><!-- nuffnang--> </b:includable><b:includable id='status-message'>  <b:if cond='data:navMessage'>  <div class='status-msg-wrap'>    <div class='status-msg-body'>      <data:navMessage/>

I hope it helps u..happy blogging..




Yeayyy!!! at last i managed to put nuffnang ads in between my post...hmm..i'll share with you how i did this tomorrow...ok..

Musim Mengawan..hohoho!!!

10 days have passed since the school holidays started..do you think what i'm thinking? hmm..the mating season has arrived...hoho..i have several invitation actually last weekend..but i did not have chance to attend as i was in KL the whole weekend..last Saturday was my cousin wedding reception..pardon me for not attending ya..

Actually, school holiday isn't synonym with wedding only..this is the time where parent start planning for their boy(s) to go for khatan or sunat (circumcision)..hmm..ya la..its a long holiday ma..so..are u ready boys...haha..

During my dad's time, he said it was difficult to circumcised boys because the methods used are very scary..so the boys wil start running away..now..hmm..they even ask their parent when they can go for it..haha..time has changed uhh..

P/S:its nasik minyak time..laporrr nyaaa!!


Mobile vs Petrol

This is the reason why we are not allowed to use mobile phone at petrol station..Some people are so stubborn and they keep using it like no one business..hello dear..its everyone business coz u might blow up the petrol station n many people may die or badly injured..n someone (police, firemen, paramedic) will have to clean your mess..

Tak caya lagi?tengok ni plak 

Cell-phones CAN BE a source of ignition. In this case the employee was trying to use his cell phone's illuminated screen as a source of light - as it was dark by the dome area on top of the truck. 
PLEASE inform all your families, friends and loved ones that gasoline itself is not the problem, it is the vapours emitted that caused what you are going to see in this video. That said, standing "a bit away" from the pump might still not be enough (based on the amount of fumes emitted), so PLEASE no cell-phones around the pump areas in gas stations. 
Source: Youtube



Great service of the day..

Courtesy of google

I just came back from TM Point near my office..paying all the bills..actually since morning i've been trying to pay it but i could see from outside that there were so many people there..hmm..so i think i would go back there in the afternoon..i went straight to office..doing some work and ofcoz set my auto published entry..haha..

I went back to TM at 3.30pm..hell..the crowd is still the same..i just parked my car n went in..i was really shocked when i looked at the number on my ticket..huh..5612..and the number they were calling at that time was 5576..at this time all i think was coming back tomorrow morning..but if my mom knows, she will kill me with her nag..ahaha..i prefer stand n wait rather than being nagged by my mom..boleh barah telinga wooo...

I didn't wait so long..as they did their work really fast..i think i just waited for 20 minutes..hell fast rite..thanks to TM staffs..as they r really efficient..they managed to finish up to 40 customer within 20 minutes..~bagi tabik sprig sekali~

Can ELECTRICITY pass through Flash light of the Digital camera to your body?

I got this from FB and thought its a useful info to share will ya all..many of us do not aware of this..me also..i know about this after my friend shared it on he FB..i copy n paste it here..some of u may have read this..

Courtesy of Facebook

Can ELECTRICITY pass through Flash light of the Digital camera to your body??? Yes it is 100% true..

This is a true incidence reported of a boy aged 19, who was studying in 1st year of engineering, who died in Keshvani Hospital, Mumbai. He was admitted in the Hospital as a burned patient. Reason ??

This boy had gone to Amravati (a place located in State of Maharashtra ) on a study tour, on their return they were waiting at the railway station to catch the train. Many of them started taking pictures of their friends using "Mobile Phones" and / or "Digital Camera". One of them complained that, he was unable to capture the full group of friends in one frame in the Digicam.

This boy moved away to a distance to get the whole group.He failed to notice that at an angle above his head, 40,000 volts electrical line was passing through.As soon as he clicked the digital camera? 40,000 volt current passed through the camera flash light to his camera and then from his camera to his fingers & to his body. All this happened within a fraction of a second. His body was half burned.

They arranged for an ambulance & his burned body was brought to Keshavani Hospital, Mumbai.For one & half days or so he was conscious & talking. Doctors did not have much hopes as there was a lot of complex issues in his body. He passed away later.

Now how many of us are aware about these technical threats & dangers? Even if we are, how many of us are adhering??

Now should we call ourselves as educated and knowledgeable people?
Please avoid mobile phones on petrol outlets.
Please avoid talking on mobile phones while driving.
Please avoid talking on mobile phones while kept in charging mode without disconnecting from wall socket.
Please do not keep mobile phones on your bed while charging and / on wooden furniture.
Avoid using mobile phones / Digital cameras near high voltage electrical lines like in railway stations and avoid using flash.



Pisang Kaki

Salam peep-pals,

Guys..have u ever heard or know or even eat persimmon or as local said as "buah pisang kaki"?..the scientific name for this fruit is Diospyros Kaki.. i think this where the got the name "buah pisang kaki"..hehe..

Its has been mass planted in China, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Israel, New Zealand, Iran, Australia and Maxico..the biggest producer of this fruit in the world ofcoz China as in 2005, they has produced 1,837,000 tonnes of it...wow!! then followed by Korea 250,000 tonnes , Japan 230,000 tonnes and Brazil 150,000 tonnes..the rest country mentioned above produced less than 55,000 tonnes on that year..

Guys Persimmon is a deep orange, waxy fruit which similar to tomato in shape..it is native to China and then being introduce to Japan and other countries..Persimmons which have dark colored flesh are has non-astringent taste and very sweet..it should be eaten before it become too soft..

Persimmons which have light colored flesh has astringent taste even until it's soften..this is becoz of the presence of large amount of tannin inside it..tannin also can be found in tea and banana skin..however, the tannin will disappears when the fruits start to ripe.    

Persimmon will start to ripe on tree..during harvest time, the harvester will make sure that the fruits do not fall down to avoid bruise and damage..so they will put extra care to it and pamper it so that the flesh won't get soften n mushy..yuck!!

I like persimmons so much especially the dried one..it's soooooo sweeeeeetttt..dried persimmon is only can be found in market in large quantity during Chinese New Year..what i mean is, they will start selling it 2-3 months before Chinese New Year..so at this time i will go n borong sakan...haha..makan sampai kembong!!

Pisang kaki or persimmon is also my mom and dad favorite..last week they bought some from Tesco..well fresh persimmon can be found in market all the time..at least whenever i wanna eat they are there..huhu..i think it is not a seasonal fruit (correct me if i'm wrong)..what ever it is..i like it so much..

There two types of dried persimmon as u can see from the picture above..one is without sugar another one is with sugar..i think the white powder on it is sugar coz it's sweet (correct me if i'm wrong again...~shame~..)..

The white one is really dried..this one can easily be found in market..i still remember 12 years ago i went to Padang Besar n saw they sell it..that was the first time i ate it n i like it till now..there were so many..huh..its like a huge dried persimmon market..i wonder if now they still sell it or not coz the last time i went there..no more..

According to my late grandfather (my mother side), this dried persimmons always being use in lai chee kang as it helps too cool ur body from inside..hmm..

Another one is plain..this is the one i said not easily be found..it is like 70% dried..the flesh inside is smooth and sweet..i like this one so so so muchos..i will go n get it once it's available in market..haha..

So this is all about persimmon..all pictures and information are from uncle google..~clap clap~..


Maal Hijrah 1433H

Time flies really fast..we are at the end of the year by hijrah calender..tsk tsk tsk..
Papai 1432H welcome 1433H
I wish for better future through out next year with better opportunity, blessing and rezeki from Allah SWT..
So guys dont forgot to recite the doa ok..


Twilight : Breaking Dawn

Courtesy of Google

Huii..must watch ni..Belle and Edward are married and have a child..hoh!!!!!!!!
Macam mana la tu..hmm..anak dah jadi separuh vampire separuh manusia..boleh ke?
Wanna know if possible or not possible go n watch it la..
Cakap banyak pon tarak guna..dalam wayang semua boleh ma!!

Octopus yang fenin la!!

Octopus walk on land..geli aihh...

Courtesy of Youtube ofcoz


How to Write Personal Goals

Learning how to write personal goals will help you figure out what you want to do with your life and what you want to achieve. If you don't know where to begin, the following information can be used as a guideline to get you started on your path to not only setting personal goals, but achieving them as well.

1.Consider lifetime (long-term) goals you want to set. Goals should be achievable, yet challenging.
  • Ask yourself what you want to do professionally. What do you want to attain from your profession?
  • How much money do you want to earn, save and spend?
  • Do you want to go to college? If so, what do you want to earn a degree in, and from what school? If you need to finish a degree, what is holding you back from finishing it?
  • Do you want to get married? If so, by what age do you want to marry? Do you want children and if so, when do you think you want to begin a family?
  • What plans do you want to make for staying healthy? What hobbies and fun activities interest you and would you like to improve your skills in?

2.Create a plan of smaller (short-term) goals that you can achieve within a certain time. For example, think about things that you want to do in the next five years.
  • Break down these goals into even smaller frames, such as 1 year and 1 month.
  • These goals can include doing research or preparing yourself for your long-term goals, such as looking into colleges, speaking to a financial advisor about saving money or job hunting in your field of interest for your career.
  • The smaller goals that you set for yourself will ultimately help you in achieving your lifetime goals.

3.Make a daily "To Do" list. This small list can be a positive reminder for you to prioritize your goals, and helps you stay focused on the larger goals you are working at achieving.
  • To complete your "to do" list, write down all the activities that you need to do. Prioritize the activities based on their importance, one being the most important and the last activity number being the least important.
  • The tasks on your list can then be completed based on their number of importance, scratching off one by one as the tasks are done.

  • You can extend or shorten goal deadlines if you feel you might not make a goal. However, if it's taking too long or not taking enough time to complete a goal, consider reevaluating the goal you set; it might be too difficult to achieve at the time, or too easy.
  • Writing personal goals can be a rewarding experience, but so can achieving your goals. Once you achieve a goal, reward yourself! Nothing provides more motivation for you to move on to the next goal on your list.


Pure Joy Summer 2011

I wonder why they keep promoting New Zealand now..

Credit to New Zealand.com

I never know there are volcanoes at New Zealand..all i know is New Zealand is a very beautiful country..with garden and flowers..ohh..its good if i can go there..it has been a very popular destination for honeymooners..

Oh ya..there r some locations where movie such as Lord of The Rings was filmed..oh..one day i will be there too..with my hubby maybe..huhu..by the way now Air Asia fly direct from KL to Christchurch ok..DIRECT..haha..so gooooooddddd.....!!!

Peuww!! Settle dah..lega...

Hmm..i'm not disappointed at all when we being defeated by Syra last nite..The squad have play so hard ok..n we must considered also that they just came back from Jakarta then without proper rest have to faced Syra..what should we expect..the opponent managed to get 2 goals..weren't we good enough..? our beloved goalkeeper, Apex, is the best goalkeeper in SEA ok..Tabik spring la...Hebatttt!!!!

In my opinion,the match last nite rely more on players spirit..they have less energy after their match with Indonesia..the strength is not there even not all from the last match played in this match..after all i'm proud of them..this is what we call spirit..they have played very hard attacked and defended our goal..thanks guys..~panjang mukhadimah~

hmm..actually i have another story to share here..I just came back from somewhere...hmm..i don't know what is the result..but they said they will call me tomorrow or at least before tuesday..we gonna see how..i'm not putting any hope..coz i know my ability and capability..if they call, then i'm happy..if not i should try again some other time..

When i got their first call 2 days ago, i didn't feel anything..not happy also..until this morning when i reached there..the nervous feeling came and felt like peeing in my pants..huhu..this is my first time ok..then when my time came..huaaaaa!!! habes la..it was so quick..n i feel like a silly dumb uneducated girl sitting there..suddenly i got a mental blocked and zipped mouth..hah..what is this !! ~shout out loud~

Well to be positive, lets bygone be bygone..i have been through it..lets leave it to Allah hands..if there is my rezeki then i will got it..hmm..~sungguh positive sampai air mata merembes macam karakter anime~

If i got it..haha..i'm the happiest girl in the universe..hooorayy!!~haip belom dapat lagi..jangan suka sangat~


Quick Pancake For Breakfast

Last weekend i was so rajin to prepare breakfast for me and my mom...so i was thinking of making pancake..coz its easy and yummy to eat..plus its fluffy too..how to do it..its really easy..i use blender instead of mixer..the ingredients i use is actually without proper measurement..but the result is outstanding....matikkk la...huhuh..

If u want the recipe all i can say is what i put inside the blender..the measurement..? haha..belasah jer...

Quick Pancake For Breakfast
2-3 cup of Wheat Flour, 1 egg, 1 ts baking powder, 1 ts bicarbonated soda, 1 ts vanilla essence 1 cup of evaporated milk/fresh milk , water (optional - to be add when the batter is too thick), 1-2 tbs brown sugar and pinch of salt

Mixed all this together inside a bowl and pour inside ur blender..blend it till its smooth..at the same time melt half of ur butter and pour inside the blender..

Make sure its has smooth texture..then leave it for a while before u start prepare it for ur love one..you also can garnish it with chunky nuts, chocolate chips, diced strawbery or any fruits u like, honer or just eat it plain..nice ok..try it urself..



Shining Face Like A Shining Silver Pot...

Courtesy of Doobybrain

I have skin problem..my face is so oily plus the burn, dull, blackheads and whiteheads..complete package..huh..i wonder why i got so many pimples nowadays..the cleanser i normally use is not helping anymore.. seriously need to change  but i don't now which brand or product should i use..~sigh~

I need something that can reduce the shining face, combat blackheads and whiteheads, rejuvenate and whiten my skin..hoh..ade ke that kind of product..all in one..~cry out loud~

Its New Zealand ok !!!!

Credit to Airasia

Oh this is really awesome..
Air Asia has launched its The New Zealand Great Xcape..Its like a contest..if u win u are entitle to Trip of a Lifetime Holiday Package..Wow!! All u need to do is to ace the online game and trivia to get the highest team or solo scores and win these great prizes..isnt it easy?


Haih...its just football..dont be too fanatic la pls..

Kalah bola, pelajar Malaysia diugut bunuh di Indonesia

JAKARTA 22 Nov. - Pahitnya untuk menelan kekalahan pasukan Garuda Muda di tangan pasukan Harimau Muda pada pertandingan akhir bola sepak Sukan SEA 2011 di Stadium Utama, Gelora Bung Karno di sini malam tadi telah menyebabkan ada pihak menghantar ugutan bunuh terhadap pelajar Malaysia di Indonesia.

Ugutan itu yang disebarkan malam tadi melalui pengguna twitter bernama @hikmat—maswara kepada akaun twitter sebahagian besar artis Malaysia selepas keputusan sepakan penalti menentukan Malaysia menang berbunyi: “Tomorrow I will kill Malaysia student at the University of Padjadjaran” di Jatinangor, Bandung.

Setelah mendapat kecaman, pengguna twitter itu telah memohon maaf atas tulisannya itu, namun pihak Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Malaysia di Indonesia tidak memandang ringan ugutan berkenaan dan telah membuat laporan polis berkaitan perkara itu.

Atase Pendidikan, yang juga Setiausaha I (Pendidikan) Jabatan Penuntut Malaysia di Indonesia, Ludinata Misnun berkata, twitter mengandungi ugutan itu telah tersebar luas di Malaysia.

"Selepas mendapat kecaman daripada pelbagai pihak, @hikmat—maswara telah memohon maaf di twitternya dan memaklumkan beliau tidak berniat untuk membunuh tetapi didasarkan rasa kecewanya atas kekalahan pasukan Indonesia kepada Malaysia dalam pertandingan akhir itu,” katanya di sini Selasa,” katanya.

Ludinata berkata, pimpinan PKPMI di Bandung telah membuat laporan polis pada pagi tadi di Jatinangor dan polis memberi jaminan akan menyiasat kes itu.

Pada masa yang sama Education Malaysia (EM) Indonesia dengan kerjasama Atase Polis dan Kedutaan Besar Malaysia di Jakarta akan memanjangkan perkara ini kepada Ibu Pejabat Polis Indonesia untuk tindakan selanjutnya.

"Saya juga telah menghubungi Rektor Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung bagi meminta bantuan dan kerjasama universiti untuk memastikan keselamatan mahasiswa Malaysia di Universiti Padjadjaran, Bandung,” katanya.

Berikutan kes itu, EM Indonesia katanya telah meningkatkan pemantauan mahasiswa Malaysia di Bandung dan seluruh Indonesia.

Pada masa ini, ada 1,005 pelajar Malaysia menuntut di Universiti Padjajaran, iaitu mewakili sebahagian besar daripada sejumlah 1,148 pelajar Malaysia yang menuntut di institusi pendidikan tinggi sekitar Kota Bandung pada masa ini. - Bernama

Source: Utusan Online

Happy Blog !!

I'm talking about this drink actually..this is new product from Cool Blog called Happy Blog..i did ask the staff there what is the difference between Happy Blog with other Cool Blog drink/blended drink..he said the differences are:

1. The cup is actually smaller than normal one as this is for kids
2. The flavor also different from normal one as it has its own.
3. They use special powder to make it

I ordered Green Apple Happy Blog with Black Pearl while June have her Chocolate Happy Blog with Black Pearl..the black pearl taste like "buah melaka"..i like i like i like..so yummy and happpppyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!

P/S: Cool Blog now at both side Tapah R&R..

Friso® Pool Party At Sunway Lagoon

Credit to Friso

Mommies.. Friso® is calling for pool party..let ur kids socialize..let them make new friends while having fun playing in the pool.. Friso® is giving FREE ticket for 1 child 2 adults ok..so dont just wait n see..grab it while u can coz ITS FREE..

What u have to do is just to tear off the on-pack invite affixed on the Friso® Gold tin/box with ur proof of purchase attached an bring it to registration booth..however as usual..terms and conditions apply..

Want more info..log on their web..


Harimau Vs Garuda

Credit to Google

Updated on 11.29 pm

We wonnnnn!!!!!!!!......Congratulation guys..
Another GOLD for us..


Credit to Google

We wish for the best...
Give us Gold Medal will u..
Come on guys u can do it..

End of Year Left Over....

Yesterday me & June was attending one dialog at Sungai Petani..as u can see from the above picture..looking at the title of the campaign i was thinking that it was a some kind of green campaign or maybe cleanliness campaign or something to do with how to increase tourist in Kedah..when i look at the powerpoint handout they gave us when we registered, it was about licensing, law and act..they wanted to update us, the industry player, to the new changes in ministry, law, procedure and act..so i was like hmm..maybe they should change the tittle..coz this shows that this dialoq or seminar or what so ever they call it is being prepared without proper plan..last minute maybe..i also can said that its like "melepaskan batuk ditangga"..

There 3 panels (not to mention their name) for this dialog..at first, one of the panel who is from HQ read us his presentation regarding the law n so on..the one i mention above..why i said "read his presentation" coz he was reading it word by word..hmm..i also can do that kind of presentation i tell u..he should have made his preparation before present it in front of us..actually most of the participants r travel agents, president of associations and hoteliers..so this people will definitely have gazillions of killer question to ask (which is yes..haha..)..he should at least explain in easy word especially the act part..we r not lawyer or law practitioner..its hard for us to understand it well..

After finish, they open a dialog between all industry player and the ministry..many question has been asked by participants..most of the question cannot be answered but panels..the worst answer is "itu di bawah unit lain..kami kurang maklum dengan perkara itu"..OMG..what's the point of organizing these dialog if this kind of answer we got..hah !!

When organizing these kind of program, they should invite rep from all units involved..so that everything wil be clear..we r talking about the new amendment in act and procedure..plus there r changes in some of the portfolio too..this is a big things to be discuss..as what we have been told, now if we wanna renew our permit for tour buses or anything regarding it, the application should be made to SPAD (Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat)..its a new things ok..so we need more info about it..but they cannot give us and ask us to check it online and so on..OMG..again what's the point of organizing these dialog if this kind of answer we got..

I like this so much...

This is not helping at all u know..there's question from a participant..she ask why this kind of program always being organized end of the year and suggested that the ministry should organize program like this often..but the answer given by the panel has proven the weaknesses of the program from beginning.."kita bukan tak boleh buat selalu, tapi kita kena tunggu ada lebihan budget dulu baru boleh buat..makanya sebab tu program macam ni selalu dibuat hujung tahun.."
this why i said "sekadar melepaskan batuk ditangga" or "saja nak habeskan budget"..

Talking about all this things really make me sick..i think all the industry player also feel the same..i'm not someone who like to complain..but its too obvious..i have complain in my entry about the night travel fair too..maybe they think that we r so dumb or desperate..they must know that we, travel agent are the one who supporting Malaysia tourism industry..we r inter dependent..so why not just do the best for us and we will give the best too..haih..

The last session was the makan time..hohoho..food food food..so heading to the cafe..the food was yummy..i even forgot to take picture..the desert was god damn delicious..seriously..it was sagu with santan n gula melaka..after finish our lunch we went back to office...haha..lie..we went to Kamdar as June wanna buy flannel for her new baby's bedding set..then we off to office..

Yours truly..xoxo
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