Fish spa treatment may spread water-borne germs

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SUBANG JAYA: People using fish spa treatment have been warned of possible health risks due to the nature of the treatment and the use of untreated water.
“Our concern is the spread of water-borne germs as not only one person uses the fish pond,” said Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.
Citing an example, he said a person with an infected leg may spread it to the other users of the pond.
“Also a concern is that the water in the pond is not treated with chlorine or changed regularly,” he added.
However, Liow said the ministry was merely issuing a health advisory and not a ruling.
Liow was speaking to reporters after closing the National Combi (Communication for Behavioural Impact) Convention here yesterday.
A United Kingdom Health Protect­ion Agency had reported that fish spa treatment could be risky for those with weak immune systems or underlying medical conditions.
Fish spa treatment involves patrons placing their feet in tanks of warm water containing dozens of tiny scavenger fish which are said to clean and exfoliate the skin by taking tiny bites.
Liow said there were no immediate plans to act against fish spa operators.

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