I'm still alive and breathing well !!

Hello Guys,
My dear peep-pals..how r ya all doing..? well i guess u guys r doing so well rite..its already new year..i just realized it last nite..haha..what a very hectic week i had..everything turning upside down..haha..i bet u already knows what i am into..

My new job is super interesting and enjoyable..our trainer is super cool and helping...but ofcoz strict..but he more likely to be like a friend rather a teacher or trainer or guider or what ever u call him..i start to like an love my job now..even its stressful and always in rush..i love it so much..i learned so many things for the past 5 days..i will tell u guys later ok..

I don't have enough time update my blog..~sad..i even got food poisoning..this is bad..i vomited the whole day..i will tell u later..ok..i got to go..the traffic here isn't like at my home town..here is heavy and the drivers are all 'bikin hati panas'..haha..ok..see ya all around..take care...

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