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 Good Morning!!
It has been so long i havent blogwalking..i miss ur all blogs so much..my off day will be on this thursday..i hope i can manage to go through all..insyaAllah..i have been working for more than a week now..what i can say that F&B is really cool and hectic job..but enjoyable..

My first day at the HQ was ok..i met some new friends..actually all together we have about 11 MIT for this training..alhamdulillah so the head count is still 11..i heard in some other batches, there is MIT who resigned..and i hope i'm not gonna be one of them, insyaAllah..

Most of the team member are younger that me..there is a guy who older than us that is Mr Andy..he was working in Vietnam before but being retrenched due to economic problem..pity him..this happen to my team member named Sabri also..he was giving VSS 7 months ago due to company financial prob..haih..pity them la..

Others are really young..there are 2 fresh graduate in our team..one of then is doing her master but postponed as she got this offer..all of them are really cool, funny, caring and socialable..in our team member also we have a guy who actually a Domino's staff named Firdaus (funny guy)..he was a pizza maker before and being promoted as MIT..i guess daily operation isnt really hard for him compared to us especially me..

From northern region, all together we have 4 person including me who is Mr Andy, Kris dan Husna the master girl..We have 2 from Negeri Sembilan who is Ila and Alia..both of then was a TGV staff..boleh tengok wayang free hari2..huhu..from Perak we have Sabri, Wani and Irma..and from here herself is Zatie..

Our first day is just an orientation, briefing and class..same with second day..on third day we already being located at the outlet..and our training centre is in B*****R..huhu..this is the international 5 star outlet..cool isn't it..i will continue more ok..i have to go as it already 7.15am..have a nice day guys..

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