Think Happy Thoughts and Eventually the'll come true

Today is my off day after 9 days training..my feet really pain as i stood for almost 9 hours per day..i just stay at home the whole day..washed all my clothes, cooked and cleaned the house..i am allergic to dust and dirty floor..

Time flew so fast..i forgot that i need to buy a pair of shoes for work..i can't wear the shoes that my mom bought for me..it makes my heels pain..feel like its going to come out...huhu...so i went out and bought a new shoes..not expensive one..what a relief...i hope this new shoes will not give me prob tomorrow..

After practicing docking and stretching the pizza daugh, i can already handle it well..they even use it for customer order..3 of my pizza crust being sell yesterday..1 Large New York Crust and 2 Regular Hand Toast Crust....I'm so proud la..haha..and also i did the itemizing (toping the pizza)...u might thing that it was nothing..but for me..its something..coz its really hard to prepare for the crust..

Tomorrow i already start working in shift..i will work on the morning shift until Saturday..then Sunday i will go for evening shift..I love this job so much..like the Manager said, 'If u wanna success, do what ever u do with passion'..i am trying create passion now..and its coming bit by bit..

Ok guys..i'm off to bed now..see yah some other time..nity nite ok..~peace!

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