New leaves

Hello peep-alls!!
Assalammualaikum..how r you guys doing..this blog has been in a hiatus mode for more than a year..there are lots of thing happen in my life since then..bitter and sweet..no use to keep talking about..

I just wanna start a new sheet of my life and keep on doing what I am doing now..chill guys..work hard and think positive..insyaallah we will succeed...


It friday!!

What are your plan for today? Well for someone who enjoying her rest day like me im thinking of going to ikea..I have new project in mind..I will share with you guys later..

By the way..its been so so long (a year plus) I haven't update my blog..its just that I have no enough time to do so..for now..I wanna go and take my shower..I wanna go out n chill with my mom..we are heading to ikea..yeehaaaa...!!

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